About Us

About Us - 'A One Stop Destination for Growth Seeking Businesses and a Unique Venture Catalyst

Milagrow Business and Knowledge Solutions is built around the idea of ethical, profitable and sustainable growth through a partnering approach. It is a 'one stop destination for growth seeking businesses'.            

Founded by Mr. Rajeev Karwal,it has Dr. Jagdish Sheth as its Chief Mentor and Prof. Anil Gupta as its Value Ombudsman. Milagrow brings rich management capital to its clients and has a unique 'venture catalyst' approach. With sharp strategic focus and impeccable execution expertise, the Milagrow team is uniquely poised to be a partner in progress for growth seeking businesses.
Milagrow Business and Knowledge Solutions partners Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) as well as larger organizations in various ways to provide them consulting & hand holding solutions for Starting-upScaling-upTurnaround, or achieving Operational Excellence. It provides business solutions at all stages of enterprise life cycle, for various Industrial, Functional and Geographical domains. Its general management consulting practice has CEO Mentoring as a service for MSMEs. Under Industry Specific Consulting Practice, Milagrow has special focus on Retail and Consumer Electronics. In certain cases where the inhouse competencies of our clients become a major bottleneck to expand their sales and distribution network Milagrow Venture Catalysts also Build, Operate & Transfer.