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Consulting & Partnering, Enabling Services, Capacity Building, Knowledge & Research, Policy Advocacy....Everything which a Growing Business needs!

Milagrow has a unique 'venture catalyst' approach to help growing businesses. With sharp strategic focus and impeccable execution expertise, Milagrow is uniquely poised to be a partner in progress for all growth seeking businesses.

Milagrow partners growing businesses in various ways to provide them consulting, hand holding, solutions and services for Starting-up, Scaling-upTurnaround, or achieving Operational Excellence. It provides business solutions at all stages of business life cycles for various Industrial, Functional and Geographical domains. Its General Management Consulting Practice has CEO Mentoring.  Under Industry Specific Consulting Practice, Milagrow has special focus on Ecommerce, Retail and Consumer Electronics.

Milagrow strongly supports entrepreneurial culture and helps businesses achieve Strategic, Operational and Managerial excellence. Our philosophy is not only to help businesses make sound business decisions but to also make them self-sustainable and profitable. Milagrow aims to be a 'one stop destination' for all business needs of growth seeking Enterprises

 Consulting & Partnering

Milagrow brings in rich management capital to its clients through its unique service offerings across various industry verticals.

Industry Agnostic Practices:

  • mStart: Start-Up Practice
  • mScale: Scale-Up Practice
  • mMentor: CEO Mentoring Practice
  • mOpex: Business Process Re-Engineering
  • mTurn: Turnaround Practice
  • mBOT: Build-Operate-Transfer Practice 

Industry Specific Practices:

  • mRP : Milagrow Retail Practice
  • mCDIT : Milagrow Consumer Durables, IT, Telecom
  • mEbiz: Milagrow Ecommerce Practice

Enabling Services

We offer a host of beneficial MSME services. We are a one stop shop for all busisness needs of MSMEs, so that they do not have to waste valuable time and resources in identifying solution providers for each of their business needs.

  • IT Solutions
  • Marketing Solutions
  • HR Solutions