Consulting & Partnering

Consulting with a 'Venture Catalyst' approach to ensure Implementation of Strategy & Institutionalization of Learning


Milagrow helps Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) develop Strategic, Operational and Managerial competencies. Milagrow helps them to realize healthier growth through its rich intellectual capital across a wide range of sectors. Milagrow provides Strategic Management Consulting and Support for Implementation through its Venture Catalyst approach.

Milagrow defines MSMEs or small businesses not by revenue but by their character. It means that businesses which have not been able to professionalize their management systems or invest in proper processes, systems, policies, people and technology etc are defined as MSMEs. 

Milagrow understands that the DNA of MSMEs is fundamentally different from that of large organizations and that these MSMEs require a strong focus on team development and a better use of resources at their disposal. As a Venture Catalyst, Milagrow handholds SMEs from strategy to the execution phase and makes them competent enough to chart out their own course, once its mandate is over. While consultants provide only Idea Capital and investors provide only Financial Capital; providing/enabling Idea, Financial and Management Capital is Milagrow’s forte.

Through its unique mPartnering model, Milagrow is able to address the challenges of SMEs very effectively. Its relationship with SME partners is based upon an understanding of its partners expectations with an underlying trust and dedication to common goals.

Through its General Management Practices of Start UpScale UpOperational Excellence,Corporate Turnaround and CEO Mentoring, Build, Operate & Transfer Milagrow provides business solutions for all stages of business life cycle. While General Management Practices are industry agnostic, Milagrow also has 2 strong Industry Specific practices, namely Consumer Durables, IT & Telecom(CDIT) and Retail