How is Milagrow different from a Consulting Firm?

Consulting firms bring ideas and strategies on the table. However, more often than not, the ideas are not implementable or do not get implemented due to many internal and external reasons. Milagrow goes one step ahead of consulting. Not only do we ensure that new strategies have a buy in at all levels, but also handhold the organization through the implementation phase. Our motto is - Not just ideas, but strong execution too. We believe that change cannot be brought in a day or a month. Hence our engagements are of longer duration (usually one year or more) during which we work as if we are part of your organization. For example, if you want to expand into another country, we will not only advise you on strategy but work with you as your second muscle to launch you in the new market. Unlike consulting firms, we also give clients the option of flexible payments in form of equity and/or share of revenue. However, these options are open only to clients who are either in the starting phase or are really small enterprises. Furthermore, Milagrow also offers its clients a host of other services – Knowledge Solutions, Marketing Solutions, HR Solutions, PR Solutions, Legal Solutions, IT Solutions, Funding Facilitation, Capacity Building and Events

What is a Venture Catalyst? How is it different from a Venture Capitalist?

The role of a catalyst is to make the change happen faster. As Venture Catalyst, Milagrow not only advises clients on strategy but also ensures timely implementation by forming and supporting the teams within the client’s organization. This ensures that learnings are retained within the organization even after we are gone. Usually existing employees within the organization get involved in day to day operations and are not able to devote time and attention to the new initiatives. As a venture catalyst, we assist them with our knowledge, expertise and focus to make sure that the strategy gets implemented on the ground. We help the departmental team put on CEO hats. We are not weighed down by the past baggage that people within the organization carry. Although we are embedded as team members within the departmental teams, our point of view remains neutral and objective.

What are the main industries or functional areas where Milagrow has considerable expertise?

Milagrow experts hail from different sectors or industries. With the experience of leading diverse organizations during their careers, our experts have successfully delivered value to clients from a wide range of industries such as consumer durables, lighting, telecom, transportation, credit rating, gems and jewelry, gifting, organic retailing, fitness chains etc. Our industry agnostic practices are Start up, Scale up, Operational Excellence, Corporate Turnaround, CEO Mentoring and BOT. We have three industry specific practices - Consumer Durables and Retail. In these industries, Milagrow Mentors and Partners have significant experience and linkages.

What services does Milagrow provides to Small and Medium Businesses?

Milagrow supports its clients with a host of services – Knowledge Solutions, Marketing Solutions, HR Solutions. In Knowledge Solutions Milagrow fulfills knowledge needs of MSMEs through best in class case studies, white papers, articles and reports. In Marketing Solutions Milagrow helps enterprises with a quick launch of products or services through complete branding packages. In HR Solutions Milagrow helps MSMEs find employees, hire interim management and install best HR practices to professionalize the organization. 
I am an entrepreneur. I have a great concept and a good team. How can Milagrow help me launch my business?
Milagrow offers free mentoring to entrepreneurs through its mentoring clinics. Though we do not fund entrepreneurs ourselves, we help them refine their business model, develop a business plan and find investors. Through our extensive linkages, we are also at times able to help entrepreneurs find partners and clients.

What kind of companies does Milagrow work with?

Milagrow works with Small and Medium sector enterprises as well as large organizations with products and services catering to MSMEs. Under Consumer Durables, and Retail, we work with both medium and large organizations. We also work with Governments and Industry Associations catering to SME clusters through business solutions, knowledge solutions and capacity building services. We only work with clients that adhere to the highest ethical standards. Commitment towards achieving goals, mutual trust and respect are the pre-requisites for partnering with Milagrow.