Faster, Cheaper, Empathetic Financial Facilitation from Milagrow Experts who understand the needs of Growth Seeking, Small & Medium Businesses !

Milagrow offers complete end-to-end financial solutions to the MSMEs so that their growth never stops due to financial constraints. Even though the customers’ money is the best way to fund a business, Milagrow’s Financial Solutions assist businesses to raise external finances required for expansion.

Milagrow provide assistance at various levels of a fund-raising process:

Business Plan Preparation

Milagrow offers best-in-class solutions for preparation of the business plans. The business plans are created from not only the investors’ perspective but also to clearly lay down the strategic vision of the company along with the important milestones and timelines. This help all the stakeholders to remain aligned with the vision of the organization and defines their objectives clearly. The deliverables of a business plan include:

  • Identification of vision, mission and short-term & long-term goals
  • Opportunities & threats that exist in the business environment
  • Environmental factors and their impact
  • Financial Plan including details of expected revenues, expenses, capital investments, external funds raised, etc. thereby indicating the overall profitability
  • Management of resources like capital, time, people, ideas, business practices, etc.
  • Risk Management

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