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MSME Branding Solutions
What is this?
The Milagrow Branding Solution Package for MSME’s is a customized package developed to effortlessly take away your concerns in either

Hence directly enhancing your ability to succeed…

  • Launching your product in an existing market or
  • Re-vitalising your existing brand to take it into newer markets or
  • Effectively reposition your product in the market

This includes almost everything that you can think of your brand to be taken to market:

  • Name
  • Logo
  • Tagline
  • Colour Pallete
  • Signage Design
  • Letterhead
  • Continuation Sheet
  • Visiting Card
  • Envelope
  • Brochure
  • Website (Static)
  • Powerpoint Template
  • PDF Template
  • T-shirt/Shirt
  • Giveaway
  • Design Guideline


Why do I need it?
More often than not, the way an organization is perceived in the market significantly contributes to the success of a new idea (product/service) or a new business.However, during the initial stages of a project (business), the one thing that is usually compromised on is the appearance of the company in the market.This is primarily because there is hardly anyone professional enough in the market offering this to businesses like yours.We understand this and are introducing a limited period offer, based on our team’s experience and understanding of the requirements of MSME’s over the past 6 years, in the Indian market.
We believe that a package such as this in its entirety will enable any organization, across industries, to establish itself in the globally changing market as a professional player.
I understand that this is an investment but how can I afford it?
We have worked hard to create something that works and is affordable as well.The entire branding package comes at a price of Rs. 3,45,000/- (approximately USD 8000).Add another Rs. 1,50,000/- for your first minimum collateral prints and your marketing initiatives can begin with no more or very less investment in collateral.You won’t need to worry about a thing till business actually picks up and your brand starts gaining value.
All this is fine but this will surely take more time than I can afford
Well, actually this will take you approximately 12 weeks to get done, which is usually the preparation time you’d have to take your offering to the market.However if you prefer a shorter time-period, we could work it out at a small premium of 25% of the package cost.