Vision, Values, Mission & Culture

Noble Vision, Ethical Values, Unwavering Mission and Enabling Culture

"From Ideas to Execution! We partner Growth Seeking Enterprises to take their Business to the Next Level"

Milagrow is a Venture Catalyst which fills the 'Management Capital' need gaps of growth seeking businesses left un-addressed by the 'idea capital' providers (pure consultants) or the 'financial capital' providers. Milagrow brings in rich management capital to its clients through its completely unique solutions, services, platforms and real insights into the issues of micro, small and medium businesses. Milagrow's founder Mr Rajeev Karwal says, "Ideas never fail, it's we who fail them". So many millions of great ideas and enterprises with great potential fail because of the lack of simple yet seemingly difficult to acquire competencies. Right People, Processes, Technology, Finance etc are essential for any business to realize its true worth. Most of the times growing businesses are not well equipped or networked to get the best answers.

Milagrow aims to become a "One Window" for all growth seeking and help them with unique solutions, enabling services, learning platforms and actionable knowledge.

Milagrow is strongly guided by its Noble Vision, Ethical Values, Unwavering Mission and Enabling Culture in all its strategic and operational initiatives.


Thorough - Uncompromising Quality
• Opportunities to all
• Professional - Making things happen
• Straight forward – No last minute surprises